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3rd BLiTZFiGHT Tournament Part 1, by OPAX-Mindgames

Son güncelleme25.05.2019 19:07:12, Oluşturan/Son Yükleyen: greek chess federation

Oyuncularin baslangic siralamasi

1Dimitriou Georgios4206975GRE1990
2Kellaris G4220439GRE1763
3Ter-Gevorkian Giannis4297016GRE1752
4Karounis Ioannis4292669GRE1609
5Papanikolaou Vasileios D25872214GRE1583
6Moshou Alexia4238664GRE1546
7Mistilioglou Athanasios25855344GRE1460