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UK Chess Challenge Bristol Megafinal 2019 Under 9 Boys

Last update 18.05.2019 18:06:46, Creator/Last Upload: somerset junior chess

Starting rank

1PALAV MayankENG93Ferndale Primary School
2EDWARDS SamENG87Bristol Grammar School
3WESTWELL AlexanderENG0Paragon School Bath
4PATIL AryanENG0Ashton Gate Primary School
5ADAMS BarneyENG0St Bonaventures Catholic School
6CRESSWELL CLABECQ DenisENG0St. Stephens School Bath
7BLEEG ElliotENG0Petes Potentials
8MAY EvanENG0North Bradley School
9SLOLY HunterENG0Bristol Grammar School
10BUNCE IsaacENG0St Bonaventures
11BANNER JacobENG0Compass Point
12KENT ROSE JoeENG0Compass Point
13ALONGI JonpaulENG0St Bonaventures Primary School
14Lin JosephENG0St Phillips
15DRAPER JoshuaENG0School
16CRICHLOW KayawahENG0St. Michaels On The Mount
17TSIRVES KonstantinosENG0St. Michaels On The Mount
18STANTON KyranENG0St Bonaventures Catholic School
19EVERETT LeoENG0Petes Potentials
20TAYLOR LiamENG0Ashton Vale Primary
21HOPKINS LindenENG0St. Stephens School Bath
22MOSCARDI KRASNIQI LuanENG0St Bonaventures Primary
23MCDIARMID LukaENG0St Bonaventures Catholic School
24NEILD LukeENG0St Bonaventures Catholic School
25HARDY MatthieuENG0Stoke Park Primary School
26MAHAD MuhammadENG0St Peters Coe Primary School
27HENDERSONWHITE RaekwonENG0Stoke Park Primary School
28LARKIN RalphENG0Compass Point
29DONOHUE RoryENG0Widcombe Junior School
30CROSBY RubenENG0Bristol Grammar School
31HANCOCK SonnyENG0Bristol Grammar School
32HAZELLIVALL TheodoreENG0Kingswood Primary School
33MOREL TimmyENG0Widcombe Junior School
34SHIPLEY WilliamENG0St Bonaventures Catholic School
35MCINTOSH-WELLS XavvieENG0St Bonaventures
36SPENCER BURMAN ZachENG0St. Stephens School Bath