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UK Chess Challenge Bristol Megafinal 2019 Under 9 Girls

Last update 29.05.2019 13:31:05, Creator/Last Upload: somerset junior chess

Starting rank

1BILLORE RadhaENG96Castle View School
2ACHARYA DwitiENG55Petes Potentials
3ABATE BlenneENG0Bristol Grammar School
4SOUTOBENEITO CeliaENG0Widcombe Junior School
5PRITCHARD JeanneENG0St. Michaels
6EVANS EsmaeENG0Moonrakers Junior Chess Club
7BAUTISTA Liyana NicoleENG0St Bonaventures Catholic School
8MOKHTARI NaylaENG0St Michaels On The Mount
9VIJAY NiyatiENG0St Michaels On The Mount
10DULAKE OliviaENG0Stone With Woodford
11DOUGLAS SaharaENG0St Michaels On The Mount
12WHERRETT SophiaENG0Ashton Vale Primary School