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UK Chess Challenge Bristol Megafinal 2019 Under 8 Boys and Girls

Last update 18.05.2019 18:19:53, Creator/Last Upload: somerset junior chess

Starting rank

1GIBBONS CalvinENG0Widcombe Junior School
2GRAND DaphnENG0Clifton College
3HAYCOCKS GraceENG0Kingswood Primary School
4FLETCHER JamesENG0St Peters C Of E Academy
5CHAMBERS MaeveENG0Bristol Grammar School
6MANOUVEL MalysENG0Clifton High School
7SOUTOBENEITO ManelENG0Widcombe Junior School
8SONG MeilinENG0Wimbledon High School
9HOPKING MollyENG0Kingswood Primary School
10HUSSAIN NabeelENG0Ton Yr Ywen
11WILDING PhilippaENG0Milverton Community Primary School
12LLOYD RebeccaENG0Chew Magna Primary School
13STARK RoryENG0Bristol Grammar School
14GRAND ThophileENG0Clifton College
15YU ZhouhaoENG0Oldfield Park Junior School