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Downend Buzzerless

Last update 15.05.2019 23:14:32, Creator/Last Upload: geoff gammon

Starting rank

1Meek Stephen J411035ENG193
2Stubbs Oliver441325ENG180
3Brigden Michael E449482ENG173
4Meadows Michael421634ENG172
5Miller George I343114090ENG159
6Munn Andrew469297ENG157
7Pickup Ian RENG149
8Champion Adrian W428108ENG129
9Dasgupta DebadityaENG116
10Daly Grant448087ENG112
11Benkhoucha Samy7928858ALG80
12Birch PatrickENG65
13James CharlieENG50
14Liu JerryENG50
15Foldvari GaborENG100
16Roberts IanENG40
17Stubbs John463620ENG67