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Saturday Chess League 2076,Chovar

Son güncelleme25.05.2019 17:24:23, Oluşturan/Son Yükleyen: nepal chess association

Başlangıç Sıralaması

1Maharjan AshakajiNep0
2Maharjan Hari BdrNEP0
3Maharjan LaxmanNEP0
4Maharjan Laxmi BdrNEP0
5Maharjan RajKajiNEP0
6Maharjan RajanNEP0
7Maharjan SanjayNEP0
8Maharjan ShyamNEP0
9Maharjan SumanNEP0
10Mahat KedarNEP0
11Shrestha NarayanNEP0
12Tamang KrishnaNEP0
13Thapa Magar NamrajNEP0
14Thapa PrasunNEP0