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2019 Individual Kingdom Age-groups Tournament U-14 M

Last update 04.05.2019 20:57:32, Creator/Last Upload: royal jordanian chess federation

Starting rank

1CMAmr Majdalawi8106401JOR1676
2Ezeldeen Almaaqbeh8110654JOR1482
3Abdullah Alnahleh8113475JOR1380
4Hashem Al-Safadi8109052JOR1360
5Ali Abdullatif8108129JOR1323
6Anas Abuharb8114250JOR1211
7ACMMaeen Tell8108234JOR1182
8Saif Almadani8112550JOR1159
9Mohammad AlsalahatJOR0
10Qusai TawiqJOR0
11Waseem Al-Hwaidi8114382JOR0
12Yousef Alabed8114676JOR0
13Zaid Abual-Soud8114110JOR0
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