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DCCA Ron Bruce Premier

Last update 07.09.2019 15:17:23, Creator/Last Upload: englishchessfederation

Alphabetical list

1GMArkell Keith C4002702445ENG4NCL Cheddleton
2Brown Alan M4098041991ENG4NCL MK Phoenix
3Brusey Alan W4068802054ENGNewton Abbot
4Crickmore Neil E G4068562187ENG
5Dilleigh Stephen P4083792000ENGHorfield & Redland
6Fleri Luke56021731647MLTMalta
7Fleri Matthew56021651793MLTMalta
8French Angus J4108101984ENGStreatham
9Horton Justin4122282003ENG
10Hurst Eddie4606641917ENGExeter University
11CMKirby Peter J4090141988GCIHorfield & Redland
12Menadue Jeremy FS4043492016ENGCornwall Cca
13Peters Stephen G4060402027ENGAylesbury
14Pickersgill Adrian O4045191948ENGEastbourne
15Robertson Jim24034711576SCOScotland
16CMRosen Daniel B4054182012ENGAshtead
17Seymour Timothy P4121122100ENG4NCL Surbiton
18Spanton Tim R4048021881ENGBattersea
19CMVilliers Thomas4272092218ENGBarnet Elizabeth
20FMWaddington Mike P4104972023ENGDorchester
21Weinberger Peter105ENGNew England
22CMWheeler John F4084172072ENGCosham
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