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2019 Aurora Chess Club Championship

Last update 05.06.2019 03:07:24, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 5)

Starting rank

1Zeromskis Egidijus2609738CAN2217On (Aurora)
2FMZomorrodian Eilia12551805CAN2141On (Richmond Hill)
3Berengolts Isai2603837CAN2085On (Richmond Hill)
4Jacobs Michael2630478CAN1826On (Toronto)
5Bradshaw RobCAN1726On (Newmarket)
6Ruan Colin2620057CAN1651On (Richmond Hill)
7Garel Richard2627906CAN1637On (Orillia)
8Osler Brian2627914CAN1601On (Richmond Hill)
9Tapping Chris2629020CAN1586On (Richmond Hill)
10Galvis Nicolas PintoCAN1559On (Richmond Hill)
11Zhuang Jin Rong (winnie)2634937CAN1531On (Richmond Hill)
12Prost Bernie2616777CAN1523On (Newmarket)
13Onwuka Emeka2629011CAN1515On (Aurora)
14Banic JohnCAN1504On (Richmond Hill)
15Crnilovic Grisha2613565CAN1467On (Markham)
16Pearson Dave2626390CAN1459On (Newmarket)
17Tan BrendanCAN1454Ab (Edmonton)
18Hall William2627981CAN1450On (Aurora)
19Wright EricCAN1421On (Aurora)
20Gillis Doug2604361CAN1417On (Aurora)
21Ruchinskaya Valerie2631440CAN1396On (Woodbridge)
22Chen AndrewCAN1391On (Richmond Hill)
23Lin EthanCAN1384On (Vaughan)
24Barbarich ZdravkoCAN1368On (Richmond Hill)
25Hemmingway JerryCAN1360On (Markham)
26Vijendra VinushanCAN1360On (Bradford)
27Singh AnyaCAN1259On (Markham)
28Di Giovanni MassimoCAN1255On (Bolton)
29Paras Peter2629496CAN1252On (Aurora)
30Xing BlairCAN1240On (Newmarket)
31Moscatel JanuarioCAN1231On (Woodbridge)
32Noritsyn IvanCAN1211On (Richmond Hill)
33Tan AlexanderCAN1166On (Newmarket)
34Piorischin AlexCAN1151On (Aurora)
35Zhong AprilCAN1142On (North York)
36Gao HeyeCAN1141On (Aurora)
37Gerber JerryCAN1105On (Maple)
38Pishdad M. HassanCAN1099On (Richmond Hill)
39Xu LeonCAN1043On (Aurora)
40Zhong RyanCAN1040On (North York)
41Kapelnikov DavidCAN1036On (Aurora)
42Pietluch RobertCAN1017On (Newmarket)
43Wang JadenCAN1012On (Toronto)
44Li TristonCAN997On (Aurora)
45Wu VivianCAN985On (Richmond Hill)
46Vezeau JoelCAN971On (East Gwillimbury)
47Cheng Kyler Chi-ReyCAN969On (Richmond Hill)
48Liu FrankCAN961On (Richmond Hill)
49Iarovov NikolaiCAN951On (Aurora)
50Xu CarolCAN947On (Aurora)
51Rolinsky DanielCAN944On (Aurora)
52Wang XingKaiCAN942On (Markham)
53Mackenzie CharlieCAN928On (Newmarket)
54Guo AndrewCAN919On (Newmarket)
55Singh GurpinderCAN757On (Markham)
56Luo MargaretCAN755On (Aurora)
57Luo MilekCAN504On (Aurora)
58Forsyth AllenCAN0On (Aurora)
59Speevak TedCAN1401On (Toronto)