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2019 Aurora Chess Club Championship JU900

Last update 04.06.2019 05:46:56, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 5)

Starting rank

1Wang MichaelCAN845On (Newmarket)
2Kessler DanielCAN799On (Maple)
3Qu VincentCAN781On (Aurora)
4Malik Kabir Rai.CAN756On (Richmond Hill)
5Zheng Ethan HaichuanzhouCAN729On (Keswick)
6Guan MarieCAN707On (Richmond Hill)
7Selvarajah KabhilanCAN654On (Richmond Hill)
8Kirk RaymondCAN651On (Aurora)
9Wang AdenCAN634On (Richmond Hill)
10Lee SpencerCAN598On (Gormley)
11Onwuka ZikoraCAN596On (Newmarket)
12Missir MichaelCAN564On (Aurora)
13Luo MilekCAN504On (Aurora)
14Bitter JosephCAN500
15Wang MatthewCAN498On (Newmarket)
16Huang TullyCAN485On (Richmond Hill)
17Xu AngieCAN472On (Toronto)
18Liu EnkaiCAN438On (Aurora)
19Wang LucasCAN400
20Wu MaggieCAN393On (Richmond Hill)
21Kul DenisCAN388On (Aurora)
22Singh TrishaCAN263On (Toronto)
23Luo MargaretCAN755On (Aurora)