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Torneo Chequeo Departamental Fisicos Valle 2019

Last update 17.03.2019 17:59:56, Creator/Last Upload: fecodaz

Starting rank

1Molina Gildardo4403827VAL1991Disc. Fisica
2Palechor Andres Fernando4460847VAL1838Disc. Fisica
3Jimenez Eduard4450710VAL1779Nuevos Horizontes
4Soto Hoover4417437VAL1671Disc. Fisica
5Marmolejo Jhon Edinson4465954VAL1667Disc. Fisica
6Medina Valverde Carlos Adrian4468805VAL1614Disc. Fisica
7Castillo Alexander4465911VAL1605Disc. Fisica
8Gonzalez Wilmer Francisco4484924VAL1600Disc. Fisica
9Medina Vicuna Andres4484940VAL1600Disc. Fisica
10Torres Arthie4479572VAL1548Disc. Fisica
11Naranjo Gonzalez Jonathan4480490VAL1530Disc. Fisica
12Dagua David4450698VAL1514Nuevos Horizontes
13Vahos Jhon Jairo4474899VAL1484Disc. Fisica
14Cordoba Correa Juan Camilo4472730VAL1572Disc. Fisica