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8th National Games-2075 (3 No. Province Chess Championship-woman)

Last update 05.03.2019 08:34:35, Creator/Last Upload: nepal chess association

Starting rank list of players

1Jaiswal Sangita12301779NEP1506Lalitpur
2Shrestha Sabina12312037NEP1476Bhaktapur
3Neupane Anisha12311642NEP1430Kathmandu
4Tamang Marshal12319910NEP1257Kathmandu
5Banjara SarmilaNEP0Kavre
6Shrestha SushilaNEP0Sindhupalchok
7Thapa Kalyani12307980NEP0Dolakha
8Upreti SwastikaNEP0Kavre
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