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2019 Ontario Junior Chess Championship - U700 Section

Last update 14.01.2019 00:36:52, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 38)

Starting rank

1Guan MarieCAN666ON
2Wang EthanCAN650ON
3Green AdielCAN638ON
4Inozemtseva MilanaCAN605ON
5Gao SeanCAN570ON
6Ting ZachCAN538ON
7Jin RachelCAN521ON
8Johnson KatelynCAN519ON
9Wu JustinCAN494ON
10Ji SherwinCAN490ON
11Qian AshleyCAN468ON
12Lobo RayganCAN458ON
13Wang William KaiyuanCAN454ON
14Madhavan AnanthaaCAN436ON
15Semianiuk CatherineCAN433ON
16Li EvelynCAN427ON
17Tso JustinCAN415ON
18Dassanayake DevinduCAN366ON
19Hong ZihanCAN330ON
20S. Ravulaparthi VaishnavCAN314
21Dassanayake DevangaCAN267ON
22Zhang HaoxuanCAN256ON
23Xing PercyCAN212ON
24Demchenko AndriiCAN0
25Gao YuehengCAN0
26Lombard Emmeline OliviaCAN0
27Xia CarolCAN0ON
28Zhang HarrisCAN0