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2019 Ontario Junior Chess Championship - U1000 Section

Last update 14.01.2019 00:35:51, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 38)

Starting rank

1Yang LefanCAN988ON
2Zhong AprilCAN978ON
3Liu GeorgeCAN977BC
4Morin KuniCAN932ON
5Liao JodyCAN904ON
6Velasquez NoahCAN875ON
7Lin BrentonCAN859ON
8Libesman-Lee MattiasCAN852ON
9Zhong RyanCAN830ON
10Green HallieCAN829ON
11Mirghasemi SoroushCAN822ON
12Fan EricCAN819ON
13Shen CadenCAN817ON
14Kaur EveleenCAN810ON
15Morin SatoCAN804ON
16Liao JocelynCAN802ON
17Ching DavinCAN795ON
18Johnson WilliamCAN785ON
19Chen RickyCAN768ON
20Mahdi AyahCAN745ON
21Wu NoraCAN738ON
22Yang IsabellaCAN726ON
23Faizy MohammedCAN700ON
24Liu Henry (haichen)CAN697ON
25Wang JessicaCAN695ON
26Kang Derong (jason)CAN665ON
27Zeng GordonCAN662ON
28Zhu KevinCAN662ON
29Liu MingxiCAN652ON
30Huang RyanCAN646ON
31Sreekumar GauriCAN640ON
32Li JasonCAN0ON
33Lombard Anjubelle TtaliseCAN0