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2019 Ontario Junior Chess Championship - U1400 Section

Last update 14.01.2019 02:22:18, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 38)

Starting rank

1Vijendra VinushanCAN1383ON
2Chen AndrewCAN1315ON
3Mane Arica3227901CAN1304
4Mukherjee Pranoy2629984CAN1251ON
5Gajelli AryanCAN1217ON
6Huang IvanCAN1215ON
7Lai JettCAN1209ON
8Wang Xiuqi (arthur)CAN1205ON
9Yang LarryCAN1202ON
10Ajith AarushCAN1201ON
11Yu Michael (han Yang)CAN1163ON
12Xu XingeCAN1141ON
13Lin HelenCAN1123ON
14He NathanCAN1119ON
15Ran SeanCAN1104ON
16Cheng AdamCAN1098ON
17Glinnyi DanyloCAN1085ON
18Zuo Zichen (roger)CAN1084ON
19Lin JoeyCAN1079ON
20Guo RichardCAN1078ON
21Hadid MohammedCAN1075ON
22Babayev ElmarCAN1067ON
23Guo AnniCAN1066ON
24Mane Arnav2632705CAN1049ON
25Zhou Johnson ZixuanCAN1043ON
26Ruchinskaya ValerieCAN1042ON
27Fan HaoranCAN1036ON
28Cowan RyanCAN995ON
29Lau JoshuaCAN988ON
30Liu ZiCAN967ON
31Gao HeyeCAN959ON
32Li GabrielCAN958ON
33Qian EricCAN958ON
34Li EricCAN952ON
35D'souza CarinaCAN933ON
36Chen RaeCAN895ON
37Ran AliceCAN941ON