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Mumbai Games Under 12Boys on Saturday (Reporting Time 8.30, First Round @ 9.30)

Last update 12.01.2019 09:23:03, Creator/Last Upload: ragachess

Starting rank

1CMRaahil Mullick35080350IND2254Flying Falcons
2Sarthak AgarwalIND1303Navi Mumbai Ninjas
3Darsh Diwakar Shetty25906887IND1260Western Warriors
4Veer Kunjan Shah25671081IND1151Central Challengers
5Vikram Karra25763776IND1122Western Warriors
6Harsh Pratap Kakaria45053987IND1098Western Warriors
7Parkar Mayuresh25937910IND1062Central Challengers
8Advait Bhupesh ThakurIND0Midtown Mavericks
9Aromal Ravi PallipuzhaIND0Namo Thane Thunderbolts
10Aryan Omprakash Kumar25687875IND0Namo Thane Thunderbolts
11Avi SinhaIND0Central Challengers
12Ayush Ravindra Duche25937677IND0Navi Mumbai Ninjas
13Bhor RudraIND0Northern Knights
14Chaitanya Alle25101617IND0Midtown Mavericks
15Dhvij Vishal VyasIND0Northern Knights
16Ekansh Sharad Nangia25955012IND0Navi Mumbai Ninjas
17Garvil Pratik PoladiaIND0Central Challengers
18Gaurav Kumar SinghIND0Northern Knights
19Guru PrakashIND0Northern Knights
20Heet Piyush VoraIND0Midtown Mavericks
21Hemanth SIND0Western Warriors
22Kalp DoshiIND0
23Kavya VasaIND0
24Krishaansh P SaxenaIND0Western Warriors
25Manthan Dilip GawasIND0Flying Falcons
26Manthan SharmaIND0Western Warriors
27Miranka TrishadIND0Northern Knights
28Mohit MaddiralaIND0Navi Mumbai Ninjas
29P . Siddharth Krishna25120689IND0Midtown Mavericks
30Pranak S. SharmaIND0Northern Knights
31Pranav CarvalhoIND0Navi Mumbai Ninjas
32Rohan ThiteIND0
33Saman Mukesh MudholkarIND0Northern Knights
34Shivaansh P SaxenaIND0Western Warriors
35Siddha SinghaniaIND0Western Warriors
36Sumit Ramesh Thite25962639IND0Navi Mumbai Ninjas
37Sunay Shrikant Chittal25976940IND0Midtown Mavericks
38Talkhande Aditya25658735IND0Navi Mumbai Ninjas
39Vedant G. DesaiIND0Northern Knights
40Zidaan WaldiyaIND0Navi Mumbai Ninjas
41aaaaa WaldiyaIND0Central Challengers