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A Tournoi interne Bois Gentil Genève 2019

Ostatnia aktualizacja strony15.12.2019 21:26:44, Creator/Last Upload: fédération genevoise des echecs

Sortowanie zawodników wg Elo

1Schaerer Marc1309129SUI1826
4Schoch Fredy1329910SUI1809
3Wehrli Tobias1333364SUI1807
9Nawrocki Bronislaw1312022SUI1785
2Viviani Mario1317806SUI1770
10Schaerer Marie-Anne1314343SUI1755
6Zamiri AliSUI1683
7Moghaddam Alireza1321579SUI1646
5Macfarlane Steven45147175SUI1600
8Sharaf Amr1321897SUI1581
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