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2018-12-07 Andalus Weekly Rapid Chess Trnmt

Last update 07.12.2018 17:25:31, Creator/Last Upload: ztagvzul

Starting rank

1Bagalay Henry5217083PHI1577
2Cabaya Joey5208718PHI1530
3Felisilda Lou11201215BRN1461
4Anirudh Sai Krishna25681010IND1448
5M.P. Subhalal11203480FID1410
6Aditya Sai Krishna25681001IND1369
7Ramon Salonga11202165BRN1347
8Reybuenan Juanito11203277FID1298
9Aadhesh Nambi25775600IND1215
10Anish Vaman Khorjuenkar25927108IND1060
11Shayna Nagvekar25926314IND1003
12Abhishek Sanjay Dixit25115472IND0
13Ajinkya Vaman Khorjuenkar25906216IND0
14Harshal Kulkarni25041169IND0
15Hector Amadeo Ginete5234611PHI0
16Nikhil Burumkar25992821IND0
17Rene Costales5217032PHI0
18Roel Bayonas5232112PHI0