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Polar Capital Jersey Festival - Open Section NEW VENUE - Ommaroo Hotel, JE2 4UL

Last update 13.04.2019 14:59:32, Creator/Last Upload:

Starting rank

1GMTIVIAKOV Sergei1008013NED2605
3GMLE ROUX Jean-Pierre609404FRA2542
4GMLEMOS Damian113581ARG2482
5IMMERRY Alan B418811ENG2426
6IMAKSHAT Khamparia5016541IND2415
7IMRUDD Jack405736ENG2253
8DONG Bao Nghia12400343VIE2240
9FMHOUSE Glenn L406228ENG2224
10BYRON Alan M401773ENG2208
11HILL Alistair432407ENG2199
12CURTIS Paul10700137JCI2186
13FMSTEFFENS Olaf4630564GER2178
14DURAND-LE LUDEC Brendan-Budok26064340FRA2168
15SAFARIAN Alek3202135AUS2005
16HEPPELL Ian N412058ENG2001
17ANDERSEN Niels Erik1406507DEN1928
18AIMKAHN Tito15600084JCI1922
19SPANTON Tim R404802ENG1914
21KENNEDY Craig408905SCO1870
22RUMSEY Victor B432873ENG1858
23INGHAM H William451096ENG1841
24GURNER Jem67600280JCI1751