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Championnat National Individuel Rapide - Dames - 2018

Last update 10.11.2018 10:13:26, Creator/Last Upload: announ nasreddine

Starting rank

1WIMHamza Amira7901160ALG1876ASSN
2WFMMeghara Lylia7902867ALG1712BCE
3Yousfi Yasmine7904134ALG1557BCE
4WCMLagab Lina7912447ALG1429EST
5Djeddi Louiza7909861ALG1421USMB
6WCMBenelfekir Imene7908490ALG1416OMSE
7Kadri Sara7921462ALG1388USMB
8Rachedi Fahima7928505ALG1353ASSN
9Boudeheb Maria7915179ALG1324AJB
10Mouzai Hadil7921802ALG1262AJB
11Djeddi Ismahane7909853ALG1190ASSN
12WCMNassr Manel7911696ALG1124EST
13WCMNassr Ryma7920296ALG1073EST
14Boutchicha Ines7927428ALG0Annaba