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FESTIVAL ARGENTINO DE LA JUVENTUD Pre Sudamericano 2018 - SUB 14, 16 y 18 Villa Giardino, 8 al 11 de noviembre de 2018

Last update 10.11.2018 02:00:26, Creator/Last Upload: aapcajedrez

Starting rank

1FMGimenez Aguirre Alejo Ismael32041667ARG2224
2Marconi Nicolas138037ARG1723
3Gutierrez Reich Francisco140066ARG1664
4Rodriguez Nicolas143537ARG1572
5Serra Mateo144398ARG1541
6San Sebastian Sosa Fernando140465ARG1537
7San Sebastian Luz146102ARG1160
8Chirico Quimey163775ARG0
9Ureta Maibi187135ARG0