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ukáž detaily turnaja

2018 West wales Open

Posledná aktualizácia 14.10.2018 19:35:01, Creator/Last Upload: englishchessfederation

Štartová listina

1FMToczek Grzegorz1106457WLS2318
2FMZeidler Sven P.1800604WLS2238
3FMJones Iolo C1800094WLS2225
4Heap Gerry415650WLS2163
5Homer Stephen J410322ENG2114
6Underwood Jon425877ENG2114
7Van Veelen ThomasWLS2094
8Musson Adam J424455WLS2090
9Paul NathanaelENG2090
10Fathallah Joe1801899WLS2067
11Waterfield John W407143WLS2026
12AGMVan Kemenade Rudy410942WLS2023
13Jones Ian Robert1802372WLS2006
14Jukes Sam1803182WLS1998
15Turner Joseph David1801520WLS1988
16McCarthy MossWLS1912
17Howells Chris1803328WLS1904
18Harris Calum1803220WLS1889
19Phillips William414344ENG1862
20Burrows Mike1804910WLS1857
21Haigh Tony1802569WLS1800
22Morgans Justin1804898WLS1769
23Van Kemenade Julie402796WLS1755
24Lewis David1805134WLS1622
25Denham Colin1802488WLS1617