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Cupa Tomestiului Ed. I Open A - general - Sah Rapid

Last update 07.10.2018 14:01:11, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 30)

Starting rank

1FMStoleriu George1227505ROU2337Cs Politehnica Iasi
2CMApostol Alin-Ghiocel1211455ROU1975Cs Politehnica Iasi
3IGhita Levi1219634ROU1683Cs Politehnica Iasi
4IIonita Ioan1216236ROU1602Cs Politehnica Iasi
5IIMeriuta George-Cosmin1237241ROU1458Cs Micul Sahist Iasi
6IILacatusi Andrei1249487ROU1336Cs Micul Sahist Iasi
7IICotet-Chiperi Gheorghe1243667ROU1310Csm Pascani
8IIMoraru Florin-Radu1266691ROU1263Cs Micul Sahist Iasi
9IIIMunteanu Alexandru-FlorinROU1110Acs "gambit" Husi
10IVMoldoveanu Sebastian-Bogdan1279491ROU1094Acs "gambit" Husi
11IVRomaneanu SebastianROU1025Acs "gambit" Husi