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Edinburgh Junior Congress 2018, Under 600 (Open)

Last update 07.10.2018 14:09:15, Creator/Last Upload: lothian junior chess

Starting rank

1Butchart FabianSCO578Buckstone
2Burton GeorgeSCO577Stewart Mel
3Tang AlinaSCO564Lenzie Chess Academy
4Gilbert AlexanderSCO558Esms
5Balaji ShwetikaSCO552Lenzie Chess Club/Glasgow Acad
6Kelly WillSCO549Esms Junior School
7Warcup RossSCO542Dollar
8Brennan LukeSCO535Esms
9Deng AidanSCO528Sciennes Primary
10Balakumar AksaraSCO510St Georges School For Girls
11Khan IbrahimSCO498High School Of Glasgow
12Moroz KaiSCO492Nscs
13Simmers OllySCO492Esms
14Singh EklavyaSCO482Glasgow Academy
15Suyal NiveditaSCO472Corstorphine Primary School
16Best-Solorzano EthanSCO468Pentland Primary School
17Kumar KabirSCO464Anderson Primary
18Pratt HaroldSCO460Bruntsfield
19Nazarov SavvaSCO431Fettes
20Lane DanielSCO409Springfield Primary School
21McGhee JavidSCO372SR
22Best-Solorzano SaraSCO364Pentland Primary School
23Gatenby SeanSCO364Buckstone Primary
24Bolt CharlieSCO352Bonaly Ps
25Ng ChloeSCO332Lenzie Chess Academy
26Skornyakov AntonSCO324Esms
27Haran SaileshSCO323Esms Junior School
28Rath SrinivasSCO316Corstorphine Primary School
29Stewart ArchieSCO312St Peter's Primary
30Shell JoeSCO310Bruntsfield Ps
31Dall CalumSCO306Bonaly Ps
32Calwell ChristopherSCO302St Peter's Rc Primary