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Begumpet Rapid Chess 7th Oct 2018 Under 11,13 & 15 Boys & Girls

Last update 07.10.2018 13:58:47, Creator/Last Upload: s subbaraju hyderabad

Starting rank

1Sanketh ReddiIND1333
3Siddarth SankeerthIND1163
4Kovid Kushal ReddyIND1087
5Saahas ReddyIND1037
6Nigamaa Sree D45019762IND1025
7Aarush VIND0
8Amrutha BIND0
9Ashish VIND0
10Asma Maryam Begum25913786IND0
11Karthik KIND0
12Karthik TIND0
13Karthikeya D S VIND0
14Nikhil KumarIND0
15Nithik KIND0
16Rithvik DiwanIND0
19Sreeya NaiduIND0