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Watford Club Championship (Price Cup 2018-9)

Son yükləmə03.10.2019 22:58:55, Yaradan/Son yükləmə: watford chess

Başlanğıc sıralama

1Stone Andrew404985ENG203
2Karumazondo Ernest447340ENG164
3Carnochan MaceENG163
4Pigott Darrell464295ENG155
5Tomy Jeff427489ENG155
6Sloan Cecil2036738USA141
7Shaw DavidENG134
8Charles Simon447307ENG129
9Vig Sanjay464325ENG116
10Mead-Herbert Bradley484318ENG115
11Joseph Tomy433888ENG114
12Byrne ChrisENG105
13Hylands KeithENG96
14Healey David431028ENG77
15Tathare Sandesh476480ENG105