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SS Manhems KM 2018 Oppna Tisdagsgruppen

Last update 06.12.2018 18:59:20, Creator/Last Upload: ssmanhem

Starting rank list of players

6Hellgren Per1728636SWE1602
4Moberg Alexander1728091SWE1585
9Vahlberg Joakim1743872SWE1551
7Ohlsson Bo1728695SWE1523
1Friberg Sam1726498SWE1433
5Valguarnera Filippo1743880SWE1365
3Sheingold Michael1749749SWE1275
10Andersson Karl 19941751697SWE0
2Lundberg Hansson MagnusSWE0
8Sobnakkumari SantoshSWE0