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Tournoi d'hiver 2018 - 2019, groupe B

Last update 22.03.2019 09:22:52, Creator/Last Upload: club d'échecs de payerne

Starting rank list of players

7Schlunke Hans-Peter1329499SUI1569Payerne
9Overney Alain1327453SUI1542Payerne
2Zarri Philippe1319590SUI1401Payerne
5Schweizer Jean-Pierre1329120SUI1399Payerne
8Péclard Jean-Claude1333283SUI1379Payerne
6Cosandier Jean-PierreSUI1360Payerne
1Tharin Christiane1329510SUI1269Payerne
4Frank Anton1329456SUI0Payerne
3Tettamanti PhilippeSUI0Payerne