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Tournoi d'hiver 2018 - 2019, groupe A

Last update 02.05.2019 22:50:55, Creator/Last Upload: club d'échecs de payerne

Starting rank list of players

10Bonferroni Thierry1306812SUI2006Payerne
9Golay Pascal20638515FRA1992Payerne
3Köstinger Paul1312464SUI1972Payerne
1Gisler Maurice1316435SUI1921Payerne
6Dorand Jean-Pierre1317385SUI1895Fribourg Ce
5Pantillon Patrick André1313266SUI1819Murten
2Schweizer Ulrich1315781SUI1723Payerne
4Azizi Ataollah1333208SUI1653Payerne
8Franz Primo1316370SUI1622Payerne
7Kesselring René1305700SUI1530Payerne