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Přebor Kobylisy 2018 C

Last update 18.12.2018 21:22:28, Creator/Last Upload: chess federation of the czech republic

Starting rank list of players

8Orna Jan376191CZE1419TJ Kobylisy
2Devera Filip332429CZE1300TJ Kobylisy
5Aleš ZbyněkCZE1255TJ Kobylisy
6Šmejkal Denis23726318CZE1250TJ Kobylisy
3Andrle Filip23718749CZE1214TJ Kobylisy
10Švadlenka Dominik23716258CZE1170TJ Kobylisy
12Švadlenka Michal23717068CZE1119TJ Kobylisy
7Těšitel Martin383678CZE1111TJ Kobylisy
4Cihlář EduardCZE1000TJ Kobylisy
11Kohout Filip23714115CZE1000TJ Kobylisy
1Krmelová TerezaCZE1000TJ Kobylisy
9Marko OndřejCZE1000TJ Kobylisy