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12th Champions Chess Centre Weekly Practice Chess Tournament 2018 (only For Unrated Players)

Last update 14.09.2018 16:53:43, Creator/Last Upload: up chess sports association, india

Starting rank

1Adhiraj Singh25901508IND0
2Aditya Balaji25689177IND0
3Arya Chatrath25902091IND0
4Aryan AggarwalIND0
5Ayaansh GuptaIND0
6Chehan Singh Sethi25975358IND0
7Divyen Bhalla25700197IND0
9Maanas Chopra25901133IND0
12Rajveer SinghIND0
14Sahib Singh Suri25689592IND0
15Suryansh Jain25689690IND0
16Tejas SinghIND0
17Tejjas ChopraIND0
18Trisha Ahuja25905767IND0
19Vidit ChauwdhryIND0