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Klubturnier Schachclub Chur 2018

Last update 13.12.2018 07:14:10, Creator/Last Upload: fortunat schmid

Starting rank

1Adzic Slobodan723886SUI2098Chur Sk
2Wyss Peter A.1310267SUI1909Chur Sk
3Roth Daniel1333917SUI1878Chur Sk
4Michel Andreas1329006SUI1872Chur Sk
5Accola Martin1335910SUI1818Chur Sk
6Steidle SandroSUI1732Chur Sk
7Bannwart Remo1313100SUI1667Chur Sk
8Kappeler PeterSUI1634Romanshorn
9Jordi Hans-RudolfSUI1592Chur Sk
10Schelling SandroSUI1592Chur Sk
11Bersinger Franz1307983SUI1574Chur Sk
12Schmid Fortunat1333542SUI1454Chur Sk
13Sieber UlrichSUI1441Chur Sk
14Hörtner Rolf1339460SUI1382Chur Sk
15Schmid Luzius1335367SUI1341Chur Sk
16Begoihn AnnettSUI1200Chur Sk
17Bättig MarcelSUI1200Chur Sk
18Weggler Robert1342401SUI1196Chur Sk