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Crans-Montana blitz du 28.8.18

Last update 23.09.2018 20:03:24, Creator/Last Upload: cransmontana

Starting rank list of players

1Bijelic Milan1321307SUI2013Sion Club
2Eggel Xavier1335430SUI1807Crans-Montana C.E.C.
3Gander Daniel1331779SUI1697Crans-Montana C.E.C.
4Bojkovic Zoran1320165SUI1675Crans-Montana C.E.C.
5Zermatten Jean-ClaudeSUI1443Crans-Montana C.E.C.
6Udry Luc1335510SUI1356Crans-Montana C.E.C.
7Wallerbosch RudiSUI1346Crans-Montana C.E.C.
8Bijelic Zeljko1337700SUI0Sierre Cercle D'echecs Et D'ar
9Duvernay DavidSUI0
10Lamay philippeSUI0