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Vierwaldstätter GP Altdorf 1. Runde Kat. U13/U18

Last update 06.01.2019 14:51:25, Creator/Last Upload: dssp2015

Starting rank

1Mattenberger Matthias227451339958SUI1536
2Brüssow Nina228691341723SUI1535w
3Stalder Aaron220211339761SUI1463
4Dubovac Kosta234251341880SUI1432
5Schmidt Timo233761342940SUI1386
6Zumbühl Elias22281SUI1330
7Beyeler Lilo230081342924SUI1312w
8Fischer Anna235091341383SUI1281w
9Sidler Raoul221201341065SUI1280
10Ineichen Oliver230111343440SUI1269
11Sidler Alain22121SUI1245
12Wehrli Mauro225371342886SUI1224
13Fischer Rhea235081342878SUI1204w
14Camenzind Marco233881343505SUI1197
15Fischer Nora23507SUI1193w
16Beyeler Ueli23512SUI1165
17Altvater Jonas24013SUI0
18Baltermi Andrin0SUI0
19Bilgerig Fridolin24015SUI0
20Camenzind Ramon01341111SUI1236
21De Rosa Michael0SUI0
22Düring Georgina242131343491SUI0w
23Düring Gregory24215SUI0
24Iacovo Dario0SUI0
25Kubinka Lionel22901SUI0
26Thommen Sven0SUI0
27Thommen Tobias240921342835SUI0
28Waser Janis0SUI0