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Last update 10.08.2018 14:41:28, Creator/Last Upload: manchester junior chess (license 1)

Starting rank

1Surtees Mike J412619ENG199Great Lever
2FMMossong Hubert4000030LUX186Chesterfield
3Newton Robert A406775ENG179Rochdale
4Lee Daniel TENG178Chorlton-Cum-Hardy
5Birkin Mark H420328ENG1754ncl Leeds University Old Boys
6Bryant Richard Be407267ENG174Oswestry
7Bousbouras Spiros4201701GRE171Greece
8Wagg JoelENG171York University
9Ilett Raymond J414980ENG169New England
10Rita Joao446572ENG1683cs
11Whitehead Mark A406716ENG168Rochdale
12Slinger Tony422681ENG166Yorkshire Terrier
13McQuillan Stephen G2406110SCO160Scotland
14Owen Dennis470830ENG160Urmston
15Kobryn Peter J448664ENG157Great Lever
16Trueman Glenn431257ENG156Ashton
17Livesey R Nigel419168ENG1434ncl Manchester Manticores
18Burns Martin J420123ENG166 Stockport Area
19Hilton Tim424226ENG171Rochdale
20Rawlinson Aidan M413496ENG206Manchester Social
21Doherty Paul D451126ENG141Bolton
22Starley Robert421006ENG194Leeds University
23FMMcphillips Joseph422487ENG235Bolton
24Vassiliou Chris5901316CYP154Chorlton-Cum-Hardy
25Colburn Paul J420042ENG179Braunstone