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Intern. chess festival "Open cup of Lviv" (IM Norms) Tourn."D"

Last update 26.08.2018 13:07:37, Creator/Last Upload: lviv region cf

Starting rank list of players

2IMBiriukov Nikolai14103842UKR2385Ukraine
8IMAnwesh Upadhyaya5028949IND2377India
4IMBoricsev Oleg720500HUN2325Hungary
9FMLornye Pylyp14141000UKR2290Lviv
6FMSkuhala Jernej14605651SLO2280Slovenia
7CMKaraokcu Erkin6348459TUR2250Turkey
10FMKyrychenko Maryan14137178UKR2198Ukraine
5FMTerletsky Oleg14116774UKR2184Ukraine
3Medvedyk Volodymyr14137186UKR2159Ukraine
1Al Saleh Mohammad7600720SYR2012Syria