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Torneo Interno Academia Alba

Last update 31.10.2018 04:01:25, Creator/Last Upload: federacion nacional de ajedrez de chile

Team-Composition without round-results

  1. Equipo Alfil (RtgAvg:1000 / TB1: 10,5 / TB2: 8)
1Tapia Gregorio1000CHI4,06,0
2Cortés Nicolás1000CHI2,55,0
3Bravo Trinidad1000CHI3,06,0
4Oyarzún Dante1000CHI1,01,0
  2. Equipo Caballo (RtgAvg:1000 / TB1: 8,5 / TB2: 6)
1Chun Ru1000CHI2,56,0
2Orellana Ignacia1000CHI3,56,0
3Duchen Carlos1000CHI2,56,0
4Oyarzún Dante1000CHI0,00,0
  3. Equipo Dama (RtgAvg:1000 / TB1: 6,5 / TB2: 2)
1Cornejo Stefanía1000CHI2,06,0
2Bruna Francisca1000CHI3,56,0
3Echezarreta Máximo1000CHI0,55,0
4Oyarzún Dante1000CHI0,51,0
  4. Equipo Torre (RtgAvg:1000 / TB1: 9,5 / TB2: 8)
1Sánchez Sophie1000CHI3,56,0
2Romo Diego1000CHI0,54,0
3Jorquera Martín1000CHI5,56,0
4Oyarzún Dante1000CHI0,02,0