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XV Copa Ponzo

Last update 30.07.2018 00:57:21, Creator/Last Upload: fada – comision tecnica argentina

Starting rank

1Alves Fernandes Pablo109991ARG2030CAMG
2Ponzo Fabian113409ARG2007CSM bye 2 y 4
3Lo Presti Roberto108286ARG1995CAB bye 1 y 4
4Barrientos Medina Juan Carlos111155ARG1987CAMG
5Hernandez Luis Crisanto117757ARG1918CAÑUELAS
6Ayala Gustavo107760ARG1900SIRE bye 2 y 4
7Zelada Gonzalo127701ARG1897JC
8Zeta Rodrigo112810ARG1871CAMG 2 y 4
9Ponzo Hector113417ARG1866CAMG bye 3
10Zafferano Juan Carlos124923ARG1856CAMG
11Prieu Gustavo117803ARG1813CAMG bye 2
12Capuano Gabriel104787ARG1810CAMG
13Gawel Alfredo Juan104795ARG1669CAMG bye 1 y 4
14Rodriguez Pinto Bruno175374ARG1589JC
15Begue Jorge133833ARG1522CAMG bye 1
16Pinto Natalia175366ARG1408JC
17Lyzymysiuk Pablo119512ARG0 B 1° M bye 2 y 5
18Tesio CristianARG0CAMG bye 3
19Viamonte Maximiliano105287ARG0CAMG