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IRQ Final FOR WOMEN 2018

Last update 28.07.2018 18:16:19, Creator/Last Upload: iraqi chess federation

Starting rank list of players

7WFMA-Ali Sali Abbas Abdulzahra4804929IRQ1762
5Nabaa Sami Abbas4806255IRQ1741
8WCMAl-Fayyadh Yamama Asif Abdula4806700IRQ1738
3Al-Fayyadh Zainab Asif Abdulah4806476IRQ1697
6Sara Masood Abdullah4809610IRQ1639
9Saba Jamal Mohammed4812964IRQ1503
4Maryam Asif Abdullah4807413IRQ1466
1Tiba Mahdi Attiyah4809521IRQ1411
10Nihad Sabah Noori4809394IRQ1235
2Widad Sabah Noori4809530IRQ1105