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Superate Valle 2018 infantil Clasico Masculino

Last update 12.07.2018 17:41:01, Creator/Last Upload: fecodaz

Starting rank

1Agudelo Jaramillo CamiloVAL0CartLiceo Cartago
2Carvajal Gonzalez Jean PaulVAL0GuacNormal S. Miguel de Cervantes S.
3Castillo Carlosama Alex DavidVAL0TuluLevapan
4Grueso Angulo Brandon JorsuanVAL0BvenFco, Jose de Caldas
5Guerrero Miguel AngelVAL0BugaAcademico
6Hernandez Vide Cristian AndresVAL0CartNuevo Quimbaya
7Ramirez Sanchez JhonyVAL0VijeAntonio Jose de sucre
8Santa Restrepo StevenVAL0Calimarice Sinisterra
9Vasquez Reinoza Julio CesarVAL0CartNuevo Quimbaya
10Velez Velasquez GeronimoVAL0RoldLos Alpes