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Superate Valle 2018 Prejuvenil Clasico Femenino

Last update 12.07.2018 19:44:47, Creator/Last Upload: fecodaz

Starting rank

1Manzano Gomez Valentina4455797VAL1611Santa librada
2Terranova Beltran ValentinaVAL1590Jorge Eliecer Gaitan
3Abonce Calle Marcela4476107VAL1534NS de Chiquinquira
4WCMLopez Rayo Isabella4452755VAL1484Coomeva
5Gamboa Bravo Karol Dayana4481208VAL1469Fco Jose de Caldas
6Torres Mapura Natali4438221VAL1441El Placer
7Henao Garcia IsabelaCOL0Sor Maria Juliana
8Suaza Rodriguez Maria de los AngelesCOL0Belisario Peña