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European Youth Rapid Championship - Girls U16

Senast uppdaterad02.08.2018 15:57:06, Creator: romanian chess federation (licence 25),Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 17)


1Olde Grete4503104EST1966
2Hryshchenko Kamila14147491UKR1928
3WFMUrh Zala14611481SLO1927
4Hercog Nusa14614324SLO1803
5Aciu Malina-Andreea1240323ROU1792
6Bucur Denisa-Andreea1238019ROU1710
7Pyzio Amelia1190202POL1606
8Schiopu Andreea-Alexandra1238639ROU1549
9Pasti Anna790834HUN1547
10Lupascu Diana-Elena1232177ROU1463
11Bencze Noemi1242970ROU1382