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C Tournoi interne Bois Gentil Genève 2018

Last update 28.11.2018 01:48:59, Creator/Last Upload: fédération genevoise des echecs

Starting rank list of players

1Verdon Michel1312413SUI1526Genève Bois-Gentil
6Haensler Andreas1306391SUI1486Genève Bois-Gentil
3Mbambi-Ngoma AlphonseSUI1466Genève Bois-Gentil
12Genier Claude1311905SUI1458Genève Bois-Gentil
2Jung Gero12975656SUI1420Genève Bois-Gentil
4Niegemeier Karl-Léo1306618SUI1410Genève Bois-Gentil
8Schürch BernardSUI1395Genève Bois-Gentil
11Anthamatten Mario1331671SUI1380Genève Bois-Gentil
10Verdon Roland1312480SUI1374Genève Bois-Gentil
9Conte DavidSUI1365Genève Bois-Gentil
5Crnojlovic Vojislav SUI1319Genève Bois-Gentil
7Braun PierreSUI1208Genève Bois-Gentil