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B Tournoi interne Bois Gentil 2018

Last update 18.12.2018 14:59:04, Creator/Last Upload: fédération genevoise des echecs

Starting rank list of players

10Horn ClaudeSUI1617Genève Club
2Baroi StephanSUI1600Genève Bois-Gentil
8Muller Daniel1315528SUI1580Genève Echiquier Romand
1Torre MarcelSUI1578Genève Bois-Gentil
7Sharaf Amr1321897SUI1564Genève Bois-Gentil
4Dellenbach Jean-Paul1331922SUI1523Genève Bois-Gentil
3Babel Ludovic1310291SUI1508Genève Amateurs Caeg
5Bujard DidierSUI1490Genève Bois-Gentil
9Wegmuller PierreSUI1462Genève Bois-Gentil
6Kacem Doris1319434SUI1426Genève Bois-Gentil