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Campeonato Nacional Sub 16 Absoluto 2018

Last update 20.05.2018 20:17:14, Creator/Last Upload: fecodaz

Starting rank list of players

10FMCorredor Castellanos Camilo4425871BOY1927
6Arciniegas Castro Santiago4433122SAN1894
3CMMartinez Cristian Camilo4427386VAL1890
9Cruz Beltran Andres4427335CUN1834
2Alvarez Angel Nelson Eduardo4430468CAQ1829
7Hernandez Jeronimo4452372CUN1789
5Parra Meza Brayan4459423CUN1701
8Valera Padilla Federico Jose4451724ATL1630
1Mesa Baez Samuel4451848BOG1613
4Florez Hernandez Bairon4464486BOL1395