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1st Karnataka State Arbiters' Blitz Chess Tournment 2018

Last update 16.04.2018 17:41:02, Creator/Last Upload: chess acropolis

Starting rank

1Manjunatha M.5029724IND1917
2Darshan V P S5044855IND1703
3AFMSomanath Krishnarao25066404IND1677
4AIMPromodraj Moree25040316IND1675
5Anil N J35044206IND1401
6Ravi Kiran D J25015621IND1384
7Sudeep S45050090IND1336
8Beig Saleem25042050IND0
9Chandrashekar Upadyaya T5047331IND0
10Karthik R25712870IND0
11Lakshmi N25666401IND0
12Mahesh B Rao45063818IND0
13Murugasundaram K25712063IND0