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Open Blitz Mars NDB 2018

Senast uppdaterad18.03.2018 00:51:52, Creator/Last Upload: fédération mauritanienne des échecs


1Ahmed El Bechir Mohamedou19600062MTN1824
2Mohamed Lemine Mohamed19601409MTN1813
3Baba Saad Bouh19601379MTN1629
4Ely Samba Ould Tounssi19600828MTN1617
5Sidi Ali Dah19601190MTN1583
6Boubacar Elemine19601166MTN0
7Elwely Mohamed Aly19601204MTN0
8Mohamed Lemine Haddou19601220MTN0
9Mohamed Mahmoud Khaled19601921MTN0
10Sidi Mohamed Sidi Abdalla19601956MTN0
11Sidoumou Med Mahmoud19601140MTN0