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Offenes Vereinsturnier 2018 Kirchberg

Last update 15.12.2018 21:46:08, Creator/Last Upload: schachclub kirchberg

Starting rank

1Tanner René1303740SUI1925
2Gemperle Peter1338935SUI1834
3Weber René1315994SUI1828
4Zmyslowski Henryk1333410SUI1814
5Schüpbach Hanspeter1313037SUI1810
6Gemperle Martin1338803SUI1771
7Löffler Helmut1317482SUI1719
8Jorns Benedikt1309722SUI1666
9Tanner Roger1304380SUI1630
10Mühlemann Walter1307010SUI1597
11Haldimann Matthew1336959SUI1479
12Tansini Clairmonde P.1336037SUI1349