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36th Balaton International Chess Festival IM

Last update 20.06.2018 14:38:16, Creator/Last Upload: annakata

Starting rank list of players

3FMMcphillips Joseph422487ENG2399
10GMKlaric Zlatko14500248CRO2397
1GMNaumkin Igor4101715RUS2383
4FMNagy Bence718920HUN2354
5Saber Yasser9001948MAR2266
7IMVegh Endre700568HUN2260
9FMGorti Akshita2072505USA2258
6WFMUrh Zala14611481SLO2248
8FMGungl Theo24695653GER2237
2Moksh Amit Doshi25064967IND2203