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Championnat Individuel des Catégories Jeunes 2018 U8 Open

Last update 06.04.2018 10:13:44, Creator/Last Upload: bechir messaoudi

Starting rank

1Achoura Mohamed Youssef5508622TUN0CSA
2Aini Ayoub5517192TUN0Ac Sousse
3Arfaoui Med Aziz5514720TUN0
4Babba Mohamed5513049TUN0Moknine
5Bahloul Yassine5513022TUN0Msaken
6Bahloul Youssef5517206TUN0
7Ben Abdallah Yassine5516897TUN0Sousse Chess Acad
8Ben Amor Haroun5513081TUN0U08Kal Kbira
9Ben Salem Med Youssef5513030TUN0Msaken
10Chelly Yahya5516200TUN0KYRANNIS
11Daoud Kerim5517214TUN0AcSocios Sfax
12El Abeb Ahmed Seddik5514916TUN0Msaken
13Elazizi Thabet5517222TUN0Msaken
14Fakhfah Mohamed Youssef5517230TUN0Monastir
15Feki Mohamed5517249TUN0Ac Socios Sfax
16Ferjani Mohamed Islam5517257TUN0Carré royal
17Fourati Sami5513200TUN0Ac Int Sfax
18Ghadhab Aziz5513090TUN0Moknine
19Ghadhab Youssef5513065TUN0Moknine
20Ghallah Adem5514959TUN0Msaken
21Guiben Med Amin5514983TUN0Moknine
22Haboubi Adam5516498TUN0CSA
23Jaber Oussama5516501TUN0Msaken
24Korbi Mohamed Ali5513138TUN0CSA
25Mefteh Mohamed5517265TUN0Ac Socios Sfax
26Mezni Elyes5516900TUN0
27Mlik Omar5513154TUN0CSA
28Moalla Malek5512980TUN0CSA
29Ouerghi Ouaies5517273TUN0EEK
30Ourari Ahmed5517290TUN0TBE
31Yaiche Youssef5517281TUN0Tica
32Zarrouk Zaid5516439TUN0IND
33Zena Hachem5515017TUN0Moknine
34Zouari Yassine5516510TUN0Moknine